4 Reasons Parents Should Encourage Child Yoga

By Abhishek Garodia

Yoga isn’t only for the health-conscious and fitness enthusiasts; it promotes health and relaxes minds. It improves core strength, balance and physical discipline. So why aren’t we encouraging our kids to take up yoga more frequently?

“The world is moving around us at such a rapid pace and children feel all sorts of pressure from school, home, the media etc to keep up with everything around them,” says Lauren Hasseck, instructor and founder of the Yoga Club. “Yoga functions as a type of release that alleviates those pressures.”

So here’s four reasons why yoga for your children isn’t just fun, but also important.


Yoga allows us to use every fiber of muscle in our body. It allows us to stretch, bend and use our muscles in ways that we don’t usually use them. Not using our muscles enough is a concerning issue, especially when it comes to the development of our kids. Yoga’s rigorous, yet relaxing exercise methods will have children using their muscles, increasing their core strength, and capitalizing on relaxing exercise.

ADVANTAGES: Builds core strength, burns fat, promotes a healthy way of living.


Yoga-muscle development increases a child’s strength which allows them to write more efficiently and prepares them for Physical Education class. It naturally braces children for sports they may take up when they’re older, and decreases the chances of a future muscle injury. Developing an active and healthy body and mind at an early age will echo into adulthood.

ADVANTAGES: Prepare children for everyday life, helps form an educational perspective.

yoga child in the grass


According to youngminds.org.UK, nearly 80,000 children suffer from some sort of depression and 8,000 children under the age of 10 suffer from severe depression. This is exactly what yoga opposes. A regular yoga practice stimulates more natural energy, creates a healthy mind, a regular sleeping pattern and a cheerful mindset naturally occurring because of released endorphins. The practice helps stimulate a child and aids them in overcoming social anxiety or depression.

ADVANTAGES: Nurtures a natural energy and peaceful mind


In this day and age, technology rules the roost. With tablets, mobile phones and TV, dominating playtime, getting a group of children to socialize together is increasingly pertinent. Having a regular class of yoga allows them to interact, exercise and play together. It will help increase their social competence in an easy, friendly and nurturing way.

As Lauren Hasseck says, “yoga is a non-competitive activity, which enable (children) to boost their self-esteem and confidence.”

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