Release toxins and congestion with Bikram yoga

People might have heard of Yoga all over the world, but they surely don’t know a lot about it until they have actually tried it out and until they actually know what it is all about. There is more than one type of yoga out there, and although every type of yoga has incredibly positive effects, they do differ in how they achieve these effects and how the overall yoga experience is for the individual.


One type of yoga is Bikram yoga, which is also known as hot yoga. It was developed by Bikram Choudhury and its classes are held in a humid, hot room that allow you to safely work in with your muscles, tendons and ligaments in order to release toxins and free the body. The hot humid room will allow you to go deeper and deeper into your muscles and tendons without having to deal with serious risks.


Bikram himself was a national yoga champion in India when he was a kid, so he probably knows what he is doing. There’s nothing quite like giving Bikram yoga a go:


To get started in Bikram yoga you need to find a studio near you and mentally prepare yourself for the heat. The rooms are usually at 110ºF and the classes last 90 minutes, so it is going to be hot for a while. This means you are really going to sweat and as such, you should drink a lot of water in order to keep hydrated even after you sweat a lot.


Bikram yoga is made out of 26 hatha yoga postures that will compress your cardiopulmonary system, modulate your circulation and stretch your muscles. This can be quite a lot for a newcomer and as such, you might find it a little painful and get a little nauseous in the beginning, before you get used to it.


For the class itself, make sure to bring a towel and wear light clothing you feel comfortable with, since you will be stretching your body and sweating a lot. Throughout the class listen carefully to what the instructor has to say and at the end make sure to say the Indian word “Namasté” which is a way to thank the instructor.


After class, don’t leave immediately, lie in shava asana position so that your body can assimilate the benefits you gave it from all of the hard work applied. You should lie for at least two minutes, and everything from that point on (moderately) is just a bonus for your body.


After that, you just need to make sure you keep calm, relaxed and hydrated so that you can really become an expert at Bikram yoga.

Introduction to Bikram Yoga ( Video) :

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